Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rocket Science


`well done,  for a recent bipedal’, I said,
reading the staccato lines of  my palms;
 smells of chlorophyll and tree mites

My tail bone, jerks;     
And, grows tickling the face of the Moon:
Rocket science a modern morphing of  my lost probing tail.   

I haven’t shed my untamed  tail,
a rudder, journeying in  to the silent soul of the   universe.
 I shoot from my hip  into  space;
the  seminal glory of mankind bursts into the unknown yonder:
Rocks and rocks.. my wild tail. .

Human  fancies  leap from tree to tree
and then leaps forward into the heavens.
 I sit over the universe, thinking.
My hands of destiny are  lined with arboreal ancestry...

A planet inhabited on the right flank of the  multivers;
And  death wiped from human memory,
 the  possibilities I hope for...
My wild tail has turned into  fiery fire of automation.
Like that of Hanuman's, the monkey God  ..

`A great leap for the mankind’
 From tree top  to Moon top.
What next,
 sending a  bouquet to my  first cousin living in some remote planet; 
I look into the future.
Can do, if I beat the `light barrier’.