Saturday, July 31, 2010

Akin to .

Sprinkle me like you pepper the omelet over the hills..
Need wings to fly over the  green magic..
Tiger roars  and pug marks  for company,
A  fine drizzle  wets and  wafts over  the  face  somnambulant
 Slush squeaks heartily  underneath  the pair of sneakers 
 Earth breathes  its soul in the 
 wilderness whole..
And the birds mimic the unknown  piano keys 
 Tongue pops out to  slurp  in the sulfur taste of the rain drops that slip in
Rocky mossy globs a browsing elephant  calf ?
Winding footpaths unravel lush pubic hairs unseen in a country maiden
Pausing on a cliff ,  a distant roar wafts in ,
 the unseen liquid diver , a waterfall in all its lyrical strength.
 Seen God..?
This must be akin to ...

Naveen Bharathi


  1. " And the birds mimic the unknown piano keys"... beautiful words...

  2. Dear Dr.Delphin

    Thanks, your comment came in a flash and as a first, i am honoured . I will continue to entertain with my poetic fancies and wordy walkathlons . Have a nice day

  3. it is one such a beautiful memorabilia sort of poem, therefore i need more time to dwell in and come up sensible comment. be back, pal!

    please change the template. thanks!!

  4. Thanks Bharath..
    Well, I wanted to literature, ended up being a doctor... I envy you man!

  5. Dr.Delphin,

    Writers can serve the purpose of the soul, but medicos keep the human breast alive to make the soul to live in.

  6. Rich poetic play with words.
    //the unseen liquid diver , a waterfall in all its lyrical strength//
    Wow! Excellent!

    How is the following relevant? //A fine drizzle wets and wafts over the face somnambulant// First part has elevated feeling and 'somnambulant' subtles it. :) Is that the intention?

    The template does not justify the richness in poem. :-D My suggestion would be to change to a solid color.

  7. Dear Prema,

    Even while you get wet in the shower after a hectic day, you feel sort of pleasantly drowsy feeling ,it happens to all of us. May be the piled up stress goes away from the body and mind and a complete relaxation embraces our being. The same thing might have happened to me when i got wet in the ethereal drizzle ( saaral in Tamil) The one difference is i got wet in the great showers which i couldn't turn off like that.

    If friends like you don't like the present template, it automatically loses it right to be right up there. why don't u suggest a good template friend.

  8. That was lovely, your deep love for nature expressed so naturally.

    I am sure you would have loved reading 'Ode to the Nightingale' by John Keats. Robert Grubh