Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rocket Science


`well done,  for a recent bipedal’, I said,
reading the staccato lines of  my palms;
 smells of chlorophyll and tree mites

My tail bone, jerks;     
And, grows tickling the face of the Moon:
Rocket science a modern morphing of  my lost probing tail.   

I haven’t shed my untamed  tail,
a rudder, journeying in  to the silent soul of the   universe.
 I shoot from my hip  into  space;
the  seminal glory of mankind bursts into the unknown yonder:
Rocks and rocks.. my wild tail. .

Human  fancies  leap from tree to tree
and then leaps forward into the heavens.
 I sit over the universe, thinking.
My hands of destiny are  lined with arboreal ancestry...

A planet inhabited on the right flank of the  multivers;
And  death wiped from human memory,
 the  possibilities I hope for...
My wild tail has turned into  fiery fire of automation.
Like that of Hanuman's, the monkey God  ..

`A great leap for the mankind’
 From tree top  to Moon top.
What next,
 sending a  bouquet to my  first cousin living in some remote planet; 
I look into the future.
Can do, if I beat the `light barrier’.


  1. this poem made me to doubt whether still i can understand english or not ;). truely i had to read and re-read at least three times to understand what and how you were sewing through as you progress explaining our own evolutionary morphing from state to state and tying that knot with soul jump - metaphysics?

  2. `Light barrier’ explains how small we are. Unless we realise the fact that God who created this great Universe also created us; and, as the Bible says, in God's image; and that God expects us to shun the wrong and do the right things, our rocket science would mean nothing.